One Axis Inc’s architects employ an iterative, model-driven process and reusable assets to rapidly define, design, and align business processes and software services, and to automate executable architecture development. The hallmark of One Axis Inc’s process is integrated enterprise modernization. Integrated enterprise modernization is the fusion of three IT perspectives:

Enterprise Architecture (EA): EA provides a global view of the enterprise that links business, data, systems, technology, and security perspectives. EA enables agencies to model both their current (baseline) enterprise state and their desired future (target) state. These models drive agency transformation planning activities. Business Process Modeling: BPM not only identifies the agency’s business processes, but decomposes them into well-defined steps performed by specific roles. By analyzing existing business process models, agencies can identify opportunities for service improvement and increased efficiency. Service-Oriented Architecture: SOA is the underlying framework that will drive application development and integration within federal agencies now and in the future. SOA provides a coherent strategy for linking agency IT capabilities to a unified set of services, accessible through open standards.

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