BI&A Innovation Lab

Business Intelligence & Analytics Innovation Lab at One Axis has a dedicated talent pool of architects, consultants and developers, who bring an edge to BI engagements by:

  • Evangelising through best practices repository
  • Building reusable components, pre-packaged analytics and solution accelerators to shrink implementation time
  • Guiding the implementation teams

We at Business Intelligence Innovation team can analyse your BI environment and help you in identifying and choosing the right internal tools and process frameworks for effective implementation. The usage of these process frameworks and solution accelerators helps in delivering high quality standards and provides significant cost savings for our clients. Some of the well tested process frameworks developed by the Innovation team with standards, templates, deliverables and checklists are :

A metadata analysis tool for BI environments like Business Objects, Cognos, Brio, OBIEE which enables efficient and precise analysis of BI environments for Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation projects. You can save up to 40% efforts.

An automated ETL code review tool to ensure consistency in coding standards across developers, leveraged for platforms like Informatica, Data Stage, Data Integrator, SSIS. Helps you expedite review process up to 90%.

A metadata analyser tool which enables understanding of the table usage, data flow between the tables in an ETL environment and provides a graphical table – mapping dependency view. You can save up to 50% time.

Tool automates the creation of the semantic layer from a simple Excel or XML input to semantic layers like Universe in Business Objects, Framework Model in Cognos. Helps save up to 25% efforts.

A tool used to code – mine SQL scripts and procedures and extract relevant information like Table, Column and the usage stats like Insert / Update / Delete. Clear understanding on the table usage in scripts, time taken to extract table name information for the SQL queries is reduced by more than 90%.