We at One Axis like to focus on four key industries and keep improving our services upon them


Insurance enterprises are faced with a new business landscape: diversified channels, varied distribution, and changing demographics. The technology landscape, however, is not so new: maintaining legacy applications is getting costlier, budgets are limited, and IT isn’t delivering the returns it should.

Succeeding in this new environment calls for insurance carriers to bring new thinking and new technologies into their existing landscape, and go fortified into the next generation of business.


Our mission in healthcare is to address challenges around affordability, prevention and patient-centricity for consumers around the world. In support of this mission, we help healthcare organizations to transform, innovate and optimize to build tomorrow’s healthcare enterprise. We recognize healthcare needs are global while solutions are local – we bring best-practices and industry solutions to suit specific healthcare models in different regions / countries.


What is the fastest way to build an online community for consumers?

How can setting up a center of excellence help manage compliance better?

Are there any best practices to fast-track the creation of highly secure mobile wallets?

Can you create a marketing analytics solution to predict which financial services are most sought after in Curitiba, Brazil?

We are built from the ground up to help you answer these questions — with our dedicated practices of Capital Markets, Commercial Banking, Consumer Banking, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), Payments and Cards, and Insurance. This focus gives us the ability to address your varied technology and business needs — whether it’s rich insight or focused implementation, whether it’s immediate need or long-term strategy, whether it’s simplifying your processes or capitalizing on emerging trends that can drive business growth. Our focus helps enhance your capabilities to transform, manage, innovate, and forge ahead. We call it building tomorrow’s enterprise.

Life Sciences

The life sciences landscape today is marked by complexity and change — thinning new drug pipelines vs. rising drug discovery costs, patent expiration’s and generics vs. M&As and externalization, compliance vs. competitiveness, and social media vs. traditional sales. Striking the right balance for success will come from efficient business and cost models, with a healthy dose of innovation — enterprise-wide.